Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mac's Wedding Slush (Used at Amy's & Mallory's baby showers)

2 c. sugar
5 c. water
1 (6 oz) box Jello
1/4 c. lemon juice
1 (46 oz) can pineapple juice (buy at Costco in three pack)
2 bottles lemon lime soda or ginger ale

Bring water to boil, stir in sugar until dissolved. Add Jello, stir until Jello is dissolved. Remove from heat. Add approximately 12 ice cubes to cool sugar/Jello mixture. In an empty 5 quart ice cream bucket (1.25 gal) or freezer container combine pineapple juice and lemon juice. Add sugar/Jello mixture and freeze.

When ready to use, defrost slightly, combine with soda until slushy. Serves 15 to 20. It is easier to serve at a reception by combining the slightly thawed slush with the soda directly into the punch bowl. You can make this weeks ahead of time. Ten buckets serve about 150-200 people. You can choose the color of Jello so the punch matches your color scheme. Peach is great, so is pineapple, lime and strawberry-banana.

(I let the slush sit out an hour before the time of the party so I could slush it up, it is possible to add too much soda too. So don't just pour both liters in. Start with one and stir and then add more as needed to keep it slushy. Amy's shower was peach flavored and Mallory's was raspberry.)