Friday, January 29, 2010

Very Berry Southern Pie

by Amanda Conway

I bought lots of berries at the farmer's market and was anxious to try to replace apples with berries in a recipe my mom and dad make for a delicious apple pie. It turned out great and since I was proud of myself for actually making a pie, I wanted to share!
So get lots and lots of berries...Get a iron skillet (adds a southern touch I think) and load it up with some melted butter and brown sugar!Make a pie crust or buy Pillsbury Pie Dough in the cookie dough section at the grocery store...I made mine following a recipe because it was cheaper! And to my surprise, pretty easy. Also since the skillet is pretty big, double up on the recipe or buy two boxes of dough.Add the fruit after you have mixed it with sugar and a little flour. Add the top dough and rub with a little milk and sprinkle with sugar.Cook!But don't cook too long, about an hour. The berries need to be bubbling, but then my crust got a little too dark...Still good either way...Enjoy with ice cream!


Melissa said...

Can't wait to try it... we are big berry fans around here. Thanks!

Lucie said...

looks delicious, love to try this. use apron in baking with an affordable bib is good idea to make you feel better and clean and visits to my bistro apron shop.