Friday, July 17, 2009

Hawaiin Haystacks

You can make this meal however complex you'd like. We make our chicken mixture with a can of chicken breast and then mix that with cream of chicken soup. You can be flexible with the soup. I know people use the celery or mushroom soups as well. If it's thicker than you'd like add some milk.

Start with white rice as a base. Then add your chicken mixture along with any delicious toppings you'd like. We say the more the merrier. Sauteed shrooms, celery, cubed carrots, pineapple, peppers, cheese, chow mein noodles and tomatoes are some of the things we like. (I have this handy kitchen tool called the alligator which chops anything into perfect tiny cubes - makes cutting lots of veggies so simple.) Whatever you use get creative and enjoy a super tasty and quite healthy meal!
Posted by Shelley

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Julie Avery said...

we like ours with coconut too :D